We are open!

We are the “Warehouse Bookstore” – 80% of our stock, or more, is out of print books; we carry an incredibly diverse selection of over 25,000 books across the entire spectrum of genres including art, politics, philosophy, classics, fiction, birds, nature, music, children’s books, the occult and many more. We have many biographies and history books, as well as a large selection of books on religion & spirituality. We also have books about Florida, along with other state and city “local histories.”

Rare and Old Books Are Our Speciality 

Only a fraction of our stock is listed on this website for sale.

Our science books are not limited to just technology & invention, but math, physics, chemistry, astronomy and environmentalism.

We have books about Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, plus yoga and allied fields.

Come visit us and don’t be afraid to get lost in our unique collections!


7063 SW 46th St, Miami, FL 33155

If you want to support your local bookstore and small business, please send any donations to our Paypal dunbaroldbooks@gmail.com or by clicking the link below: